This consultation website has been prepared by Pegasus Design (part of Pegasus Group) on behalf of Willis Dawson Ltd to promote Newton Leys West to help meet existing and future development and infrastructure needs of Milton Keynes and its surrounds within north east Aylesbury Vale district (now

Buckinghamshire Council).

Newton Leys West is being promoted as an alternative to the allocation of Shenley Park, currently under consideration within the Proposed Modifications to the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP), and which has attracted objections from Milton Keynes Council and parishes within and adjacent to Milton Keynes. The Newton Leys West location is identified as a recommended growth option within the Draft Milton Keynes Strategy for 2050, which has recently been subject to consultation. This Draft Strategy is not a formal planning document however it will inform the next review of Plan MK and also Local Plans in neighbouring authorities. 


The site has the capability to deliver approximately 1,100 dwellings, a new Primary School and Local Centre set within a significant green infrastructure network. In addition, this proposal would help facilitate the delivery of a South West Milton Keynes (SWMK) Link Road (known as the Bletchley Southern Bypass), a road link that has been a long standing aspiration for the area.


The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of the community at an early stage on the alternative solution that Newton Leys West offers in meeting existing and future development and infrastructure needs of Milton Keynes within North East Aylesbury Vale.


Comments to be made here by Friday 7th August 2020: COMMENTS FORM


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