What is the current status of the site?

The site is being promoted by Willis Dawson as an alternative to the allocation of Shenley Park, which has been included by AVDC (now Buckinghamshire Council) within the Proposed Modifications to the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP). The inclusion of Shenley Park, with a proposed allocation of c.1,150 homes, has attracted objections from Milton Keynes Council, parishes on the western side of MK and parishes within north east Aylesbury Vale. 

Following the Local Plan Examination over two years a go and the consultation on the proposed amendments to the Plan, including the proposed allocation of Shenley Park, a response from the Local Plan Inspector is awaited regarding the progress of the VALP.

Will any trees or hedgerows be damaged or removed?

The development proposals are still in the early stages of promotion so precise impacts to existing vegetation are unknown. It is however likely that some small sections of hedgerow/existing vegetation will require removal to facilitate the development. The areas of hedgerow removed will only be small sections and additional trees and hedgerows will be planted. Hedgerows will be reinforced across the site in order to create further screening and biodiversity enhancements alongside significant new hedgerow and vegetation planting to complement an overall landscape scheme. A planting plan will be submitted as part of any formal planning application to show the extent of the new additional planting which is proposed.

What are the community benefits of the proposals?

Alongside a range of affordable and market housing to cater for local needs the proposals include the delivery of a new Primary School, Local Centre, land for a new GP Surgery and an extensive formal and informal open space network. Furthermore, Newton Leys West can help facilitate the delivery of a South West Milton Keynes (SWMK) Link Road (known as the Bletchley Southern Bypass), a road link connecting the A421 and A4146 that has been a long standing aspiration for the area. This road link would also function as a relief road for Newton Longville village.


How would the site be accessed? 

Detailed access arrangements will be developed as part of any future planning application. However, initial technical work carried out by Willis Dawson’s project team indicates vehicle access points along Drayton Road and the proposed new SWMK Link Road. It is proposed that Stoke Road would initially be utilised for vehicular access to serve the early development phases but would later be downgraded to local vehicular access only
and also for use by pedestrians and cyclists. 

How has flood risk and drainage been considered?

A desktop assessment has been undertaken and this together with the high-level assessment carried out as part of evidence base for the Draft MK Strategy for 2050 has informed the proposals. As the site progresses more detailed assessment will be carried out.

What about the wildlife which use the area?

No known ecological designations are located within or in close proximity to the site. Detailed surveys will however be undertaken at the appropriate time, the findings and recommendations of which will be incorporated into the more detailed design proposals.

What is the Draft MK strategy for 2050?

The Newton Leys West location has been identified as a recommended growth option within the Draft MK Strategy for 2050 (January 2020). This Strategy for 2050 is for the future development of Milton Keynes as a wider area and economy rather than just for the administrative borough of Milton Keynes alone. It includes adjacent settlements in the neighbouring South Northamptonshire, Aylesbury Vale and Central Bedfordshire local authority areas that relate closely to the city and its economy. Any propositions for development outside of Milton Keynes Borough must be considered through the Local Plan for those neighbouring areas. The 2050 Strategy is based on further steady growth of the population to 500,000 people across the metropolitan Milton Keynes area by 2050. The 2050 Strategy proposes a broad pattern of development and identifies potential locations for significant new development – all of which will need to be considered by the authorities preparing their Local Plans.


What happens next?

Your comments will be considered as work continues to promote the site for development. All comments will be considered and will contribute to the preparation of a planning application in the future.

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