The site extends to 72.18 hectares and is wholly located, including all highway access points, within Buckinghamshire Council (formerly Aylesbury Vale). The site, which sits within both Newton Longville Parish and Stoke Hammond Parish, is bounded to the east by the administrative boundary of Milton Keynes Unitary Authority and the existing Newton Leys strategic development site, which is now at an advanced stage of being built out. To the west, the site is bounded by hedgerows and agricultural fields and to the south, by Drayton Road. To the north, hedgerows separate agricultural fields, which lie on increasingly higher ground towards Bletchley and Newton Longville located further to the north and north west.


The landform in respect of Newton Leys West consists of shallow valleys and intervening ridgelines. The area drains to the Ouzel catchment. The southern settlement edge of the Newton Leys development and also the site sit at the edge of a ridgeline running broadly north east / south west. Similarly, beyond the north east boundary of the site the ridgeline at 106m AOD runs broadly north east / south west creating a visual barrier between the site and Newton Longville. 


Drayton Parslow is located to the west of the site, its residential edge approximately 2km away. The intervening topography reaches 116m AOD, which provides a level of screening if the site from the village.

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